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Drive Less Save More (DLSM)


Introducing “Drive Less, Save More” a free add-on to Etiqa motor insurance & takaful plans designed to reward customers for their reduced mileage. This concept acknowledges the shift in driving behaviors, where many people are working from home occasionally and driving less frequently

Benefits of Drive Less, Save More

Driving less comes with a series of benefits. Financially, customers can get up to 30% cash rebates for their reduced mileage, effectively lowering their insurance & takaful costs. Environmentally, reduced driving leads to lower CO2 emissions, contributing to a greener planet. 

A simple guide on how to activate
the Drive Less Save More benefit

Drive Less Save More Impact on the
community & environment

The “Drive Less, Save More” initiative has had such an impact on so many Malaysians. To date, Etiqa has provided rebates totaling up to RM7.3 million. Another remarkable outcome is its positive environmental impact, customers driving less has helped reduce approximately 143,213.24 ton Co2 emission reduction a year.

With “Drive Less, Save More,” drivers can enjoy comprehensive protection while positively impacting their wallets and the environment.

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