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June 14, 2024

Calling all Fathers – Be the Superhero Your Family Needs

Exploring the importance of fathers and how insurance and takaful plans can provide financial security for their children’s future.

Fathers are important. While they are often depicted as stern and silent figures whose primary function is to feed the family and provide a roof over their heads, a father’s role is so much more than that.

Besides being the main breadwinner (usually), fathers are also protectors, the person children turn to for emotional and physical security. They are the disciplinarians, setting the rules and making sure they’re followed. Fathers are also important role models – their work ethic, the way the treat others, their confidence, their relationship with their spouses, will inevitably influence their children, shaping them into the people they will eventually become. Fathers are also male role models, setting the standard for how their children believe men should behave.

Whether they are known as dad, papa, bapak, appa, daddy, or ayah; whether they have the support of a spouse, are traversing fatherhood as a single dad, or have relinquished the role as main breadwinner to be the one who stays home and raise the kids, fathers are their child’s superhero with their own set of special powers.

Here’s an example.

A Father’s Superpowers

a very happy boy playing in the playground

#1: Protector

Fathers want protect their families so their children will be ok – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and even financially.

#2: Sees into the Future

Fathers want to see their children reach important milestones – that first step, the first day of school, graduating university, and even starting a family of their own.

father and son doing diy projects in a workshop space

#3: Provider

Children need fathers who can afford to raise them. Diapers, food, nursing equipment, toys, health, and education can cost a lot of money.

#4: Prepared for All Eventualities

With a little advanced planning, fathers will be able to support their children through school, medical emergencies, and unexpected variables.

Like all the best superheroes, fathers have weaknesses too, as well as formidable challenges and foes they will find themselves up against every so often. Thankfully, you are not alone on this journey called life and can put in place a support system to fall back on in the event of any eventuality.

Weaknesses, Challenges & Plot Twists

Sidekics &
Backup Plans

Insurance and Takaful to the Rescue!

Even with the help of a spouse, family and friends, an incredibly healthy lifestyle, and the finances to support your child from birth to their very first job, life can throw an unanticipated curveball. Your child could break their leg falling from a tree, or worse, develop a serious illness that requires extensive and expensive medical treatment and hospitalisation. Or something could happen to you – you could lose your job, fall critically ill, or have your life tragically taken away before your child has the means the stand on their own two feet.

Thinking about these possible what-ifs is stressful, we know, but instead of constantly worrying about it that you start missing out on all the good things in life, the right insurance or takaful plan can help you support your children through school, medical emergencies and more, in a way that is affordable and more sustainable in the long run.

There are several ways insurance and takaful can help fathers provide for their children:

  1. Preparing a Tertiary Education Fund
    Fathers want their children to go to the best university they can afford, but tertiary education can get very expensive. Insurance and takaful plans help you save for your child’s future education, often from almost as soon as they are born. Alongside helping you grow and secure your child’s education fund, Etiqa’s Aspire and Madani both provide cash and bonus maturity payouts, while rewarding academic milestone

  2. Early Start on Savings
    It’s never too early to start saving, and saving with insurance or takaful often comes with an added bonus – many policies include additional protection and benefits that banks don’t provide, such as total and permanent disability and death coverage. Etiqa’s Karisma includes cash payouts up to 10% at the end of every two certificate years, while Aatifa’s maturity cash payout of 150% (of the sum covered) on top of a cash payout every three certificate years, ensures you will be able to give your child a decent amount of savings that they can use for their education, as a fund for starting their adult lives, or as financial protection if something were to happen to you.

  3. Staying Safe with Medical Coverage
    In order to look after their families, fathers must also look after themselves, because staying healthy is superpower #5. While eating balanced meals, exercising regularly, and maintaining healthy habits will go a long way to ensuring good health, our bodies sometimes have other plans and surprises in store for us. A good family medical insurance or takaful plan is so important to ensuring fathers can look after themselves and their family under one policy.

    OneMedical by Etiqa is available in both insurance and takaful options. With unlimited lifetime medical coverage and a high annual limit of up to RM150,000 for insurance and RM160,000 for takaful, the plan also includes inpatient and outpatient benefits, and lump sum cash benefits upon the diagnosis of certain communicable diseases such as COVID-19, MERS-CoV, and others that require quarantine.

Even the strongest of superheroes need help sometimes, and with insurance and takaful support, fathers can ensure their families will be ok throughout various circumstances. These affordable monthly contributions will make a significant difference when the time comes, so the next time you’re worried about looking after your family, just remember that with Etiqa, you won’t have to do it alone.

Etiqa has a variety of takaful and insurance products to support your needs. Check out our life stages quick guide to help you figure things out.

PROTECTION BY PIDM ON BENEFITS PAYABLE FROM THE UNIT PORTION OF THE INVESTMENT-LINKED PRODUCTS MENTIONED IS SUBJECT TO LIMITATIONS. For other products, the benefits payable under the products are protected by PIDM up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s TIPS Brochure or contact Etiqa or PIDM (visit