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Press Releases

Etiqa Expands Its Etiqa Cares Centre Network To Kempas, Johor Bahru


An estimated crowd of 200 people witnessed Etiqa launching its first southern branch of the Etiqa Cares Centre at the Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Kempas Permai, Johor Bahru in collaboration with Adab Youth Garage (AYG) today. Youths living near this centre can now enjoy a conducive space and participate in educational activities conducted by AYG to prepare themselves for their future. 

The establishment of this Etiqa Cares Centre will enable youths from B40 families from the nearby residential areas to engage in productive learning activities in one conducive space that is also able to accommodate 20 students at a time. The centre is also equipped with IT equipment and internet connectivity, where AYG will be conducting informal educational activities such as group revision, examination answering techniques and counselling sessions which students could participate for free.

Azizah Ahmad, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Southern region, Etiqa said “We believe by providing this safe haven for the youths of this PPR, we are able to improve their studies just as in PPR Kota Damansara, Selangor. By providing them with this opportunity, Etiqa is striving towards its corporate vision of ‘Making the World a Better Place’ by staying committed in improving the community’s quality of life, social and economic well-being under the social responsibility slogan, ‘Etiqa Cares’.”

According to Muhammad Nizam Samsudin, Chief Executive Officer of Adab Youth Garage, “The Etiqa Cares Centre is a community driven initiative to help youths from the B40 community to be independent through education. A conducive environment, comfortable facilities and learning while socializing with peers are achievable with Adab Youth Garage’s constant monitoring and mentoring. 

On a sidenote, as an NGO, we are grateful to have this opportunity to collaborate with a successful organization such as Etiqa. We hope that this collaboration will be a good example to other companies,” he added

This Etiqa Cares Centre launch was held on a big scale in conjunction with Malaysia’s National Day celebration month. Residents of PPR Kempas Permai celebrates the occasion with youths performing a ‘Jalur Gemilang’ motorcycle convoy around the residential. While, younger children participated in a colouring contest at the Etiqa Cares Centre.

The Etiqa Cares Centre is part of Etiqa’s Corporate Social responsibility initiative to help youths through their educational journey, while preparing them for the future. This initiative began with the Etiqa Cares Centre in PPR Kota Damansara in December 2021. Currently, it is the only Etiqa Cares Centre equipped with Etiqa Cares Literacy (3M) Programme, reinforcing Etiqa’s efforts in helping the B40 community. There are three Etiqa Cares Centres altogether which can be found in Selangor; PPR Kota Damansara, PPR Taman Medan Jaya, Petaling Jaya dan PPR Kampung Baru HICOM, Shah Alam