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Press Releases

Etiqa Marine Conservation Programme 2022 Restores Coral in Pulau Tioman



As part of its sustainability efforts, Etiqa’s staff volunteers took part in the Etiqa Marine Conservation Programme 2022, coral conservation expedition at Kampung Salang, Pulau Tioman in collaboration with Kelab Legasi Selam Skuba Malaysia (Leges Divers), a non-profit organisation championing in marine conservation awareness. The programme took place from 30 September to 2 October 2022 and included coral conservation and beach clean-up activities.

The Etiqa Marine Conservation Programme aims to restore the local marine ecosystem while spreading awareness on the importance of marine ecosystem sustainability. At Kampung Salang, Pulau Tioman. Etiqa rejuvenated a total of 9 Coral Conservation Units at the Salang House Reef Dive Site with new propagated corals of various species. The reef also houses various marine life such as the near-threatened Black-Tip Reef Shark, the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtles and Green Turtles which are crucial for the ecosystem balance.

According to the State of The Coral Triangle Report of the Asian Development Bank in 2014, the negative impact on coral reefs resulting from industrial activity or the building of tourist-related infrastructure, is equivalent to the removal of forest cover. These detrimental activities have been found to increase the rate at which sediment is deposited on coral reefs, which in turn blocks sunlight on which coral growth depend on. Even more damaging to the health of coral reefs is the direct removal of coral reef substrate for use as a construction material.

The strategic partnership with Leges Divers is helping to drive the programme which aims to restore and adopt corals in Kampung Salang, Pulau Tioman. Leges Divers leads the underwater exploration, and also provided awareness workshops on marine life identification and coral conservation techniques during the programme to ensure every underwater activity was carried out safely for both participants and the ecosystem.

Shahrul Azuan Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer, Etiqa General Takaful Berhad (EGTB) said, “As a leading insurance and takaful operator, Etiqa is pleased to contribute to the conservation of the coral reefs here at Pulau Tioman, through the Etiqa Marine Conservation Programme 2022, under the guidance of Leges Divers, a non-profit organization.

The marine ecosystem plays a crucial role in regulating the climate, whereby the ocean not only provides oxygen but is also a food source to the planet. Therefore, this programme will rejuvenate the marine ecosystem and eventually preserve the world’s ecosystem.  This programme is proof of Etiqa commitment in fulfilling its corporate vision, ‘Making the World a Better Place’ while being in line with the Value-Based Intermediation (VBI) guidelines to look into environment conservation and preservation.