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Travel Plan Compensation Guide (Mount Ruang Incident)


Update: Applicable for affected flights on 1 May 2024

In light of the recent volcanic eruption of Mount Ruang in Indonesia impacting flights between Kuala Lumpur and Sabah/Sarawak, and vice versa, we would like to assure eligible customers of Etiqa travel plan and MHinsure that compensation will be provided for flight delays or trip cancellations. To ease the process and to find out if you are eligible, do reach out to us via these touch points and to have these documents ready beforehand.

(Please indicate subject title ‘Mount Ruang Volcano Claim’)

Etiqa Claims Careline

Trip Cancellation Claim
Flight Delay Claim
  • TripCare 360 – Gold and Platinum Plan
  • Smart Travel International Plan – Gold and Platinum Plan
  • MHinsure
Documents required:
  • Flight itinerary
  • Refund confirmation from airlines and other service providers
  • Cancellation expenses incurred (irrecoverable pre-paid cost of your planned trip)
  • All types of TripCare 360 and Smart Travel
  • MHinsure
Documents required:
  • Original flight itinerary (delayed flight)
  • New flight itinerary, boarding pass, or inland transportation ticket.